We edit your images for the Net as well as complete Photoshopping of those images. We also may be able to come out and take photos for you.

Websites By Vic also provides a full spectrum of video options. Such as...formatting your videos for YouTube or formatted to be embedded in your website.

An icon is placed on a website where it can be "clicked on" which starts a video stream to your computer. This method can be used for "Audio Only" as well.

Streaming Media Technology enables the delivery on-demand audio and video content directly to the desktops of your employees, customers and partners.

website designs

Pricing - for these services is based on the individual project and specific staff members required to complete the project.

Photo Editing & Formatting: Roll Over images to see my changes.

Vic                              laughlin, nevada



kennedys chicken                     



Roll Over images to see my changes.

photoshop editing


Video Editing & Formatting:

Sgt. Dale Falcon, formatted for YouTube


Get your videos formatted for




and Flash



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